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Mobi33 Transforms Digital Signage Networks With Interactive Mobile Response

Mobi33 annoucned the launching an innovative platform solution that can augment any digital signage network with interactive mobile responses and ad messages deliverable to mobile phones.

A 'Call-to-Action' Statement is placed in the digital signage ad to prompt viewers to either call a voice number or send a text message to request ad content. Upon request, an SMS will be delivered to the caller's mobile phone containing product/service information, coupons, entry to a sweepstakes and other promotional information. SMS delivery is worldwide and international access numbers are available.

Mobile response added to digital signage greatly increases the adís effectiveness by enhancing information recall and by establishing a two-way communication with consumers. Digital signage companies may start using this service without the need for additional development and launch new campaign services such as text2win, polling and survey immediately.

We provide you with both Voice2SMS and Text2SMS channels to deploy opt-in, text2win, voting, polling, survey and trivia campaigns.

The advantages of Voice2SMS (Interactive Voice Response) over Text2SMS (Keyword Text Message) are as follows:

(i) There are more people who know how to call a voice number and enter an ad code than people who know how to text message a keyword to a short code;
(ii) Text2SMS requires advertisers to purchase a keyword/short code for every ad while we offer no charge on keywords and access numbers using Voice2SMS as the access channel;
(iii) Pay-Per-Call model can be implemented with features provided in Mobi33; Mobi33ís affordable pricing offers outstanding marketing opportunities that fit any budget size and provides digital signage networks with new potential revenue streams.

Please contact sales (AT) or call 408-533-8028 for more information.
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